Gary Allan has has played many shows in Wyoming and is coming back!

He'll be at Cheyenne Frontier Days Sunday, July 20th.  Local favorites, Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band will open the show.

Gary first gained recognition in 1998 when the song 'Smoke Rings In The Dark' made it to country radio.  He followed that up with 'Alright Guy' in 2001 and 'See If I Care' in 2003.

Some would argue he became a star in 2004 when 'Nothing On But The Radio' was released.  Other hits in recent years include: 'Watching Airplanes,' 'Life Ain't Always Beautiful,' 'Right Where I Need To Be,' 'The One,' 'Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain,' and 'Her Man.'

Enjoy some tunes from Gary and get ready to see him Sunday!  Click here to buy tickets!