Are there restrictions on installing new chain link fencing?


"Chain link fencing requirements depend on the zoning district in which the fence will be located. Chain link fencing is allowed with all residential zoning districts such as the RR, LR, R1, R2, R2M, and R3 districts. In the NB, B1, B2, C2, DC, and the Gateway Overlay Zone zoning districts, the use of chain link fencing is prohibited. Vinyl coated chain link fencing is allowed in the LM, C2, B2, and B1 districts provided that it is restricted to the interior side and rear yards of the development. Finally, chain link fencing is allowed in the I2, I1, and IP zoning districts as well as schools, cemeteries, sporting complexes, and fields.

Questions can be directed to the Community Development Division at 307-721-5207."

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