The Cheyenne City Council on Monday night voted unanimously to make changes to the city's nuisance ordinance.

Councilman Dicky Shanor says the changes will allow property owners who feel like they've been wrongfully issued a nuisance complaint a clearer way to dispute it.

"It wasn't codified in the code appropriately, so now there's a clear process for doing that," said Shanor. "Your appeal will go to the Board of Adjustment."

Several residents, particularly those who live along Vandehei, voiced concerns about proposed language which would have required property owners abutting a right-of-way to shovel snow off any sidewalk touching that right-of-way.

"There was just a lot of uncertainty as to what the new language was requiring," said Shanor. "I moved to keep it as it is because everybody understands right now what their obligations are."

"You still have to shovel snow on sidewalks abutting your property," Shanor added. "We just aren't expanding from what we've been doing."