Curiosity has gotten the best of me. Since Cheyenne Frontier Days are here, I decided to make life a bit easier by seeing if they had a FREE App for my handheld phone. Guess what? They do.

The App is called Cheyenne Frontier Days and is very easy to download. Simply go to the Play Store on your phone and download. This will be very helpful in so many ways. By downloading the app, you can get tickets, see a map of all the great happenings in Cheyenne as well as perceived pricing for events.

If you're a rodeo fan, as I am, you'll be glad to know that you can not only see the rodeo schedule, but also view the rodeo results, should you not be able to make the event. If you want to be involved with Cheyenne Frontier Days, there is a tab for that too. Look under the "More" tab and press "Get Involved" if you want to be a sponsor, volunteer or would like to be employed.

Cheyenne Frontier Days is fun, but can be a bit confusing as far as start and stop times of your favorite events. The Cheyenne Frontier Days App should make your experience much easier.

By the way, in all of your app downloading, don't forget to download one of my favorite apps - Radiopup. That way you can hear all of the LIVE play by play action in the rodeo arena, as announced by me, Gary Freeman and Wayne Spencer on AM 650 - KGAB.