As we reported quite some time ago, GAC has introduced a show on their network called Day Job, in which country stars are filmed going back to a job they held before they hit the success they enjoy today.  In Chris Young’s case, it was as a technician installing air conditioning units.

The episode aired last night.  This particular episode was filmed in Chris’ old stomping grounds of Murfreesboro TN, a suburb of music city.  In an exclusive interview with our friends at Country Weekly, Chris relates that he and the crew picked the perfect day to film:

"The day that we picked to do this was the hottest day of the year," he says with a laugh. "It was like 110 [degrees] outside and in the attic where we had to put the unit in, it was around 125. We were all just pouring sweat."

Turns out Chris was happy to hook up with one of his oldest friends, the guy that owns the company.  "We are really good friends," Chris says. "I think the show will be more of us picking on each other rather than installing an air conditiong unit in this house."

Chris might have been pouring sweat in the attic, but overall Chris says he had a ball filming the show.  Again, from the interview:  "Getting to do this again was real fun. It really reminded me of how much I loved doing that kind of work," he says. "They really didn't make me do anything too difficult, so I don't think I made myself look too much like an idiot when we were doing it. And I also think that this is such a great idea for a show. I don't know why somebody hasn't thought of it before."

The Chris Young segment didn’t take up the whole show, of course.  Also appearing on GAC's Day Job last night were Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town and and Craig Morgan.  The show airs on GAC every Sunday night and appears to be a strong part of the network’s programming this fall.

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