The Laramie River is already at a moderate flood stage, but the town is prepared for what may come.

Albany County Emergency Management Coordinator, Aimee Binning, says the river is nearing record levels. She adds that Laramie has not seen the river so high since the 1980s, and the river level may rise to levels not seen since the 1920s by the end of the week.

She warns people to stay away from any water not following its typical course. She also says that even if river banks look stable, fast running water can cut under the bank causing it to break off more easily, so people should use caution when near the river.

Binning says the city has been proactive in preventing flooding in town. She adds that Laramie was able to learn from flooding seen in 2011, and actions have been taken to make sure the town does not see such flooding again. According to Binning, the city has installed a more efficient system to keep water out of West Laramie streets. In addition, sandbags and water pumps have been placed in areas where flooding may occur.

Binning says that efforts to prepare the town has been a true group effort by the state, county and Laramie community. Volunteers have been a huge help this flood season, and she wants people to know they are appreciated. This year volunteers are asked to check in at specific areas so their safety can be ensured.

Anyone wanting to volunteer for the flood effort can e-mail their contact information to