Toby Keith’s Clancy’s Tavern is his 15th studio album and is set for release Monday, October 24th. The title reportedly comes from the days when Toby would help out his grandmother in her nightclub.

You probably remember the lines from Toby’s hit, “Honky Tonk U” in which he talks about basically swamping out the club as a young man.

The first single from the to-be-released album, “Made in America” was a hit for him recently. Toby is quoted about the tune

"The new single is good timing while Americans are feeling really patriotic and the world's feeling good about America."

For the last seven years, Toby has made it a point to release a new, major studio album every year. That string started back in 2005 when his label released Honky Tonk University.

His most recent album prior to this release was Bullets in the Gun. The title track was a hit and so was another single from the album “Somewhere Else”

There’s little doubt that Toy’s popularity and success will continue for this album as for basically everything else he’s released. Look for more number one singles in the winter and spring.

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