Why is the city not trying to bring in new business? With so many businesses like Shari's, Hastings, Dollar Tree, and Sports Locker leaving, this city is turning into a ghost town!


"The City of Laramie plays a role in recruitment of business to the community by assisting the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance and Laramie Main Street Alliance with annual funding allocations to each entity. These partnerships are important to both recruitment and retention of businesses.

Through these relationships, the city assists each entity as requested with the expertise available in appropriate city departments with specific pertinent information related to particular inquiries from businesses considering Laramie as a site. In general, businesses conduct studies to determine if the demographics of the Laramie market fit the criteria of their business operation model prior to seeking information from the city or our partners.

This may be a question to pose to the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance (LCBA) or the Laramie Main Street Alliance (LMSA). The LCBA can be reached at 307-745-7339 or by clicking this link, and the LMSA can be reached at 307-760-3355 or by clicking this link.

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