I grew up with Radio Shack. Their cosmetics were always lame (Beige and cream white and clunky) but their electronics and supplies worked. I had their walkie-talkies and their early cordless phones. I bought my firstt soldering iron from Radio Shack and learned I could do things myself.

Coop, Townsquare Media

I bought the kits to do experiments and wire and speakers to add to the big wood cabinets I made in wood-shop for my room(s) and for the speaker systems in my cars, vans and trucks.

I learned the basics at Radio Shack and I kept learning so that I could build many things like a couple of home recording studios.

Coop, Townsquare Media

I bristled at their wanting my information when I bought AA batteries for my portable music players or D cells for my Mighty Max flashlight that could double as a club. Their prices seem a little higher than online but I will gladly support local brick and mortar stores so the money stays in our community (within reason).

After the company's Chapter 11 filing, there was the closing of Radio Shack in the Frontier Mall in February of 2015 according to The Wyoming Tribune Eagle. I was thankful that we at least had one location left. It’s in the dying Cole Shopping Center that is now down to a loan store, an orthodontist and the last Radio Shack for miles and miles. I could always go to Greeley, Fort Collins or Loveland Colorado but I might as well use the internet and have it delivered.

The "everything must go" signs say they are a "dead store walking," but there is no official word. The employee I talked to chose his words carefully, but it looks like Radio Shack in Cheyenne is working its way toward closing its doors as Albertsons, the property owners, look to sell the land. Not much is known about when they will turn out the lights. The employee I talked with was helpful but the-powers-that-be haven’t kept him in the loop.

Coop, Townsquare Media

It is the end of an era and an important institution for young and old DIYers. I learned a lot about electronics and myself with that chain. I am a better me because of them Thank you Radio Shack. You made my life more interesting, fun and productive. Now they join Sutherlands and Sports Authority in the businesses that did not survive in Cheyenne club. Sad days.