The University of Wyoming will soon see a modern, centralized replacement for outdated financial, administrative and research support systems throughout campus.

The UW Board of Trustees voted last week to move forward with contract negotiations with Oracle Corp., which would provide cloud-based software to serve all of UW. The new system would allow for integrated date reporting across UW systems by centralizing and replacing outdated systems.

“This will change the way the university does business at every level, providing a modern and synchronized environment that will allow university faculty and staff members to spend less time on paperwork and more time on efforts that contribute to the university’s mission,” says Vice President for Administration Bill Mai.

“The need for an improved financial and reporting system at UW has been recognized by groups ranging from trustees and administrators to legislative committees and, with the support of all of them, we can finally move forward with a comprehensive solution," Mai adds.

The program will cost a total of $30 million over roughly three years and will be funded by a legislative appropriation and internal reallocations by the university.

Huron Consulting Group aided the competitive proposal process through which Oracle was selected. UW previously partnered with Huron in 2015 to evaluate the university’s financial and reporting processes.

“We have an antiquated and inefficient approach to data management,” says Vice President for Information Technology Robert Aylward. “The reporting functionality of the new system will bring us comprehensive data integration, data reporting and a much more productive work experience.”

Work groups will be formed by a team of staff members dedicated to the implementation of the new system. Those groups will include representatives from across campus and will work to develop the processes and plans needed to move from current platforms to the new environment.

UW President Laurie Nichols will lead strategic planning in the next year – an area where the new system will be particularly useful.

“This will allow us to measure decisions against the strategic plan and be fully transparent regarding how resources are being used,” Nichols says. “We intend for the university to move on a strong upward trajectory in coming years, and the new system functionality will help make that possible.”