Saturday is a big day for the CNFR.  Not only is it the day of the finals, but it is the annual Style Show, a fundraiser for the NIRA Foundation.  The Foundation raises money for scholarships, but also raises money for injured athletes.  This would have been what I would have needed it for.  I think I was injured more than I wasn't.  The Style Show is an event for just nearly 200 people.  It included lunch, donated by the Parkway Plaza and a great selection of Silent Auction Items.

This year, the theme of the CNFR, was a "New Brand of Education."  The Style Show team created amazing center pieces that made that connection.  Boots and Books.  They decorated cowboy boots to reflect books.  I steered clear of the Basics of Accounting Book and quickly found a Dr. Seuss boot!   A red and white striped boot - painted of course- with two cactus planted in the top that looked like the trees from The Lorax.  It would be perfect for Reagan's room.  Little did I know that there would be such a bidding ware for that little boot.  Good thing Grandma Karen agreed to split it with me!  I think I can keep a cactus alive!  Other books that were there was the Great Gatsby, A book by Edgar Allen Poe, and of course an all time favorite of mine, James and the Giant Peach.  Imagine the boot that had to be decorated for each one- they looked great- what a great idea.  Kudos to Roxy Skogen and her committee!

Other items in the Style Show are donated by all of the vendors from the CNFR and each region is responsible for bringing an item, too.  West Hills College from the West Coast Region brought pistachios- grown by the school.  Each item is special to that region.  There were some beautiful pieces!  AND, NFR tickets, Cheyenne Frontier Days tickets...  it is a great selection.

One of the best parts of the show is that our commissioner, Roger Walters is the auctioneer.  With this being the second year he has done it, we were a little more prepared.  Last year, his hidden talent shocked us all!  He does a fabulous job of getting people involved in the auction and an even better job of representing college rodeo.  At the end, over $14,000 was raised and I was proud to be a part of it again!