The Coalition to Prevent Substance Abuse (website) as well as the Safe Ride (website) kicks off their city wide campaign to educate students of the dangers of drinking and driving and the new city DUI laws.  A neon sign that has the bunking horse and the words Safe Ride, 766-7433 and Anyone, Anywhere are being distributed to most Laramie Bars in town. T-shirts that have the phrase DUI"s BLOW and information on the back are being distributed to a local bars and bartenders. The bartenders are the front line when it comes to anyone being too drunk to drive. We want to educate the community about the new DUI laws and thought the bartenders are the perfect educators for this goal.

Please go to the Coalitions website at for more information about the DUI laws and the FREE Safe Ride

Call Tracy at The Coalition to Prevent Substance Abuse for further information:  307.760.7073