For me, it used to be the highlight of the baseball season, the home run derby. There was something about Chris Berman’s voice and antics, and that rivalry that Ken Griffy Jr. had with just about anyone who thought they could take him on including hometown slugger Larry Walker. Everyone smiled and had fun, what baseball is all about. It’s been awhile, but we finally have another Rockie to cheer for in the home run derby tonight, and he won’t even have to worry about beating Griffy. 

Rockies left fielder Carlos Gonzalez takes his 17 home runs this season with him into tonight’s State Farm Home Run Derby in Kansas City. Gonzalez, who was named as a reserve outfielder to the National League All-Star team on Sunday, revealed that he has accepted an invitation by team captain Matt Kemp to participate in the State Farm Home Run Derby.

“He texted me, I believe it was yesterday, and I said, ‘Yeah,’” Gonzalez said. “I’m just trying to enjoy it all. If I get the chance to be in a Home Run Derby, I want to do it.”

Gonzalez will compete against the Cardinals’ Carlos Beltran, the Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen, and the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp from the National League, along with American Leaguers Mark trumbo from the Angels, the Tigers’ Prince Fielder, Yankee Robinson Cano, and Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays.

The State Farm Home Run Derby is tonight at 6 on ESPN.