The Colorado Rockies may not be at the top of the NL West or even at .500.

They are however, one of only two teams with three all-star starting players.

Left Fielder Carlos Gonzalez, Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, and Michael Cuddyer who will take the Designated Hitter role.  Both CarGo and Tulo were unsure as to whether they would be available for the game last week due to injuries.  Cuddyer began his All-Star week with a third place finish in Monday night's home run derby.

The Baltimore Orioles also have three starters in Chris Davis, J.J. Hardy, and Adam Jones.

First pitch from New York's Citi Field will be around 6:05 pm MST.


1.) Brandon Phillips 2B

2.) Carlos Beltran RF

3.) Joey Votto 1B

4.) David Wright 3B

5.) Carlos Gonzales LF

6.) Yadier Molina C

7.) Troy Tulowitzki SS

8.) Michael Cuddyer DH

9.) Bryce Harper CF

Matt Harvey P


1.) Mike Trout LF

2.) Robinson Cano 2B

3.) Melky Cabrera 3B

4.) Chris Davis 1B

5.) Jose Bautista RF

6.) David Ortiz DH

7.) AdamJones CF

8.) Joe Mauer C

9.) JJ Hardy SS

Max Scherzer P