The Laramie Colts are hosting a Batting Challenge during their tournament Saturday and Sunday at Cowboy Field.

This is an opportunity for anyone in the public to take a real at-bat against one of the Colts pitchers in-between games of their doubleheaders.

Colts manager Joe Milbury, plus pitchers Noah Gulino and JoJo Seale were recent guests during 'Laramie Live on KOWB' with host David Settle. They discussed the particulars of the challenge and got some insight from the pitchers on how they're approaching this community fundraiser.

Gulino and Seale also talked about where they play college baseball and what it's like there. They also discussed their expectations in the Rocky Mountain Baseball League.

The challenge costs $250.00 for one at-bat. There are three warm-up pitches, and then its three strikes and you're out. For a full inning, or three at-bats, the cost is $400.00.

All the proceeds will benefit the United Way of Albany County.

The Colts want to know if you’ve got what it takes.