A spokesman for the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department says that agency has once again been receiving numerous reports of a ''computer repair scam".

Dick Blust says the scam involves unsolicited calls made to the intended victim telling them that their computer has been infected with a virus, fallen victim to malware or is otherwise experiencing problems. The scammers often falsely identify themselves  as representatives of well-known companies such as Microsoft or anti-virus companies such as Norton or McAfee.

Blust says in many cases the caller may know the prospective victim's name or address. Blust says in addition to obtaining sensitive personal and financial information. the con artist will also charge the victim anywhere between $50 and $500 in bogus '"repair fees".

Blust advises people to remember that computer and software companies will never call you about computer problems you may be having without having been contacted first. He says you shouldn't be deceived if the caller knows your name and phone number, since that information is available through a variety of sources.

Blust says this is the third time this year the department has received numerous reports of the scam, and says if you receive such a call, you should simply hang up.