Pepperoni Rolls as easy as 1-2-3!

If you can remember back to the 1980′s, you might remember a pizza restaurant across from the dorms called Upper Crust Pizza (not to be confused with Lower Crust Pizza; it was not as good!).

Anyway, where the Library Restaurant is now, Upper Crust Pizza had great pizza and even better pepperoni rolls! The basic concept is taking peperoni and  mozzarella cheese, rolling it up in pizza dough, baking it, and then dipping it in pizza sauce.  Yum! Sure to be a hit with the kids too.


1. Pizza Dough – (either make your own dough, or buy Pillsbury Pizza Dough, or you can buy pizza dough from Grand Avenue Pizza at $3 each)

2. Package of Pepperoni (get the real pepperoni not Turkey)

3. Fresh mozzarella cheese (grated or sliced works)

4. Basil or Oregano (optional)

5. Pizza Sauce or Marinara Sauce


1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees

2. Roll pizza dough as thin as possible (round)

3. cut dough into 8 pizza like slices

4. place 8-10 pepperonis and cheese onto each slice, roll up, and pinch the edges

5. Bake  for 18 minutes (on a pizza stone if you have one), and they will be golden brown and ready for dipping.

“I remember sneaking them into the Wyoming Football games with a beer, I mean Pepsi!