Surprising absolutelty no one, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean and Toby Keith are the country stars who made Billboard's Top 25 Tours of 2011 list. Taking the top spot were iconic rockers U2, grossing $293,281,487 on their 360° Tour, with 2,887,972 people in attendance.

Although she is ranked number 5 overall, Taylor was the No. 1 country act, raking in $97,368,416 and playing to 1,356,720 fans. Additionally, she sold out 87 of her 89 stops. Next in line, at sixth place, is Kenny Chesney, grossing $84,576,917 with 1,160,132 fans attending.

I am so proud of this tour, and the reason why it's so much fun is because I obsess over how to treat each song, she said in a recent interview.  One of the things that I love about the Speak Now tour is that it's very theatrical, and each song has its own treatment. The reason I obsess over it so much is that I obsess over writing them so much.

Jason ALdean just made the list.  His $27,768,963 and 790,530 fans ranked him 24th.  Our friend Toby Keith rounded out the top 25, with $27,313, 132 in tickets sold and 673,668 fans making at least one of his concerts.

For a little perspective, other artists making the list included  Lady Gaga, Usher, Justin Bieber and Sade.  

Some pretty high-octane and high-dollar acts on this list, of course.  And I think it says a lot that country acts are really setepping up and representing the format so well.

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