Yesterday was quite the day for Bill Anderson, Bob DiPiero and Clint Black. They were able to walk away un-scathed when their tour bus was involved in an accident neare Dublin.

The three country stalwarts are touring Ireland and England on a CMA sogwriter series to bring knowledge of country music to the world. Their Gibson Guitar Bus was reportedly rear-ended by a passenger vehicle.

The accident did delay the show, but only for about 30 minutes and damage to the bus was reportedly very slight.

The CMA Songwriter Series has been very popular here in the States, and this was actually the first time the show has gone international.

When we began the series in 2005, I never dreamed it would include such an honor as being asked to perform in England and Ireland.

said DiPiero (who wrote Blue Clear Sky for Clint).

I'm sure there are thousands of fans who are grateful such luminaries of country were unharmed.  Here's to a successful tour for them across the pond and that they come home safe and sound.

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