There have been a few lists out lately of actors and actresses with the biggest presence in social media.  But not as much about the following of country music artists, so we went to to check out their running list of country stars and their social media following.  As you might expect, Taylor Swift dominates with fan followers in both Facebook and Twitter.

Here's the Top 10 for Facebook

1.  Taylor Swift, 60 million likes

2.  Kelly Clarkson, 14.5 million

3.  Lady Antebellum, 11.1 million

4.  Carrie Underwood, 10.4 million

5.  Jason Aldean, 9 million

6.  Blake Shelton 7.8 million

7.  Miranda Lambert, 7.5 million

8.  George Strait, 6.9 million

9.  Brad Paisley, 6.8 million

10.  Luke Bryan, 6.7 million

Lucy Hale, who released her first country single "You Sound Good to Me" earlier this year, came in fifth on Twitter.  You can credit that to her being an actress with tons of teen followers, especially from her role as Aria Montgomery in "Pretty Little Liars".

Here's the Top 10 for Twitter:

1.  Taylor Swift, 40.4 million followers

2.  Kelly Clarkson, 9.6 million

3.  Blake Shelton, 6 million

4.  Miranda Lambert, 3.8 million

5.  Lucy Hale, 3.6 million

6.  Carrie Underwood, 3.5 million

7.  Luke Bryan, 3 million

8.  Dolly Parton, 3 million

9.  Brad Paisley, 2.6 million

10.  Jason Aldean, 2.3 million