Not even 1 week in our new house and our cat, Wingnut, decided to explore the heating ducts who's covers had been removed to paint over the old 'bad taste' color of the previous owners.

While my great friend Nathan and I were installing a recording studio, we heard a faint meowing from somewhere.

My uber intelligent friend used a cardboard tube to isolate sounds and we traced it down to the bottom of the cold air return plenum. The relief that we didn't have to cut through walls and heating ducts was greatly overshadowed by the joy of getting our cat out unscathed, by opening up the filter panel.

Adventure cat came out of the furnace wet, and I wondered where the 'water' came from, and then we realized it wasn't water.

An hour later, she was trying to get out the back door to explore her new back yard.

That can wait cat, that can wait. Don't burn your remaining 8 lives up.