Darius Rucker is big on education.  And he's been a big supporter even before he was awarded an  Honorary Doctorate from a school in South Carolina.

And now he's showing he's behind education in New Mexico too.  Since 1996, the New Mexico Lottery has raised in excess of $477 million to benefit education in the state.   Tens of thousands of students in the state have benefitted from Legislative Lottery Scholarships.

The powers that be on the Lottery Board wanted to widen their audience a little bit.  So, they decided to tap into the large country music population in New Mexico by offering scratch and win tickets featuring Darius.

Once they approached him with the idea of his likeness on a $5 dollar scratcher, with a second-chance drawing for two grand prizes that include an autographed guitar, air travel, five-day deluxe hotel accommodations, $750 in cash and two four-day tickets to this year’s CMA Music Festival in Nashville, with a Rucker meet-and-greet...well he figured he just couldn't say no.

 “But when I learned that education was very important to them, I was like, ‘Yeah, cool,’ because it’s very important to me too.” said Rucker.

Rucker is looking forward to presenting the Lottery winners with an autographed guitar and, as the Lottery rules indicate, “three autographed items.” Will the victors be expected to bring these items with them? “No, we’ll supply them,” Rucker answered, with a laugh. “But if they want to bring some other stuff, I’m sure I’ll sign it too!”

I'm impressed with Rucker's commitment to education.  'Course, I've always been impressed with his musical abilities too.  I Hope the program raises a lot of money for the students in New Mexico.