Imagine being deaf for 50 years, hearing nothing but utter silence.  But for a Missouri man, that silence was broken this past Sunday, after hearing his 15 year old daughter's singing voice for the very first time!

Ashley, a 15 year old who's a member of her high school's show choir, was able to sing to her father for the first time, thanks to new technology.  Her father Ken was equipped with a new hearing device that has a special receiver that was worn around his neck.  Through that receiver, he was able to hear his daughter sing through a special microphone.  She was given a very special solo in the choir performance, the song, "Daddy Please Come Home For Christmas.

Ashley said her father's reaction was priceless, because he's always seen her, this time he was able to close his eyes and actually hear her, for the very first time!  Get ready to grab a hanky, you're going to need it!  Watch this amazing video here!

What were the first words that you heard your child say?