To many people, “tax day,” is the worst day of the year. Whether it’s being forced to sit down with a calculator and go through all your receipts or the idea of sending a big fat check to the government, everyone can find a reason to dislike taxes. The good news is that “tax day,” the day your returns were due has passed; the bad news (for many) is that you filed for an extension, and still have to do your taxes in the next few months.

Of course, there was plenty of warning about the impending tax due date, we knew it was coming, but despite its publicity, tax day seems to sneak up on many of us every year. In Laramie, residents had plenty of options to get free tax help, but procrastination is common, and subsequently, so are tax extensions.

Did tax day sneak up on you, or were you ready to file your taxes this year? Take our survey below to let us know:

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