Life on the road. Some absolutely love it. Some view it as a necessary evil. Some absolutely hate it.  Whatever an individual artist's preference, the miles can add up before you really even notice it. That's the story behind Dierks Bentley's dependable bus, affectionately known as "Goldie".

After finishing up the Cadadian side of his latest tour, Dierks announced on his Facebook page that ol' reliable Goldie had safely moved Dierks and his band 1,000,000 miles. That's about two round-trip tickets to the moon, if you're keeping track.

Could have leased a new bus a long time ago but I like buses, guitars, boots, etc with stories and character. Happy 1 MILLION MILES GOLDIE

Dierks also took time to thank his bus driver Ken for keeping everyone safe and sound on a long, long road.

Goldie has been my home on the road since I put out my very first single.  A lot of memories have been made traveling across the country in Goldie, and I've been able to see every city and town three or four times. If you look at my guitar or my boots or my truck, you know that I love old things. I hope she makes it another million.

And we join Dierks in hoping for many, many more happy miles driving down the highways of the country...spreading the good news about country music.

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