Robert McRuer, who teaches queer theory, disability studies and critical theory at George Washington University, will discuss those subjects Wednesday, March 27, at 5:30 p.m. in Room 129 of the University of Wyoming Classroom Building.

An English professor, McRuer will discuss “Disability and Queerness in Crisis: Austerity, Excess, and Social Justice” in a free public presentation. UW’s Wyoming Institute for Disabilities and the Shepard Symposium on Social Justice sponsor McRuer’s talk.

He is the author of “Crip Theory: Cultural Signs of Queerness and Disability” and “The Queer Renaissance: Contemporary American Literature and the Reinvention of Lesbian and Gay Identities.”

With Abby L. Wilkerson, he co-edited “Desiring Disability: Queer Theory Meets Disability Studies” for a special issue of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Identities. He recently co-edited, with Anna Mollow, the anthology “Sex and Disability” in which Wyoming native Michelle Jarman appears.

McRuer now is completing a manuscript tentatively titled “Crippling Austerity.”