Although the Albany County School District did not get funding from in the state budget to construct a new high school yet, they did get money from the state to purchase land and design the building. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Laramie City Council unanimously passed a memorandum of understanding for ACSD to purchase land on Turner Tract.

This means that Laramie’s new high school will eventually be built on the east side of town, near the Laramie Recreation Center and Wal-Mart. Superintendent Dr. Brian Recht said the location was chosen in November after an evaluation of five sites and a look into a renovation at the current site. The goal was originally to move to the new high school in the 2014-2015, although that may be pushed back now as ACSD waits funding for construction.

As the process moves forward, we would like to know what you think of the location that has been chosen for the new high school in Laramie. Let us know by answering the poll below.

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