It's no secret that country music has had it's share of, well, "bombshells" over the years.  Shania Twian, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood and so many more.  Well, all those ladies aside, only one Female country artist ever made the Men's Health magazine's "100 Hottest Women of All Time" list.

Their pick, of course, is the great Dolly Parton.  She broke the mold and lead the way for the others to follow.  Dolly was glam before ANYONE knew what that meant.  She's a radio star, a tv star, even a movie star.

"Who could mistake that voice, that music ... that bosom?" reads the blurb accompanying Dolly's No. 92 selection. "If there's a Dixie bombshell out there that trumps all the rest, it's Dolly Parton. The country music star turned heads for decades, and not just because of her famous figure."

Listen, I would have put Dolly on this list without a second's thought.  She's funny and talented.  Plus, she gets it.  I mean she KNOWS how her style comes off and she's just as proud to be a woman who spends a whole lot of money to look cheap as she is about her stellar musical career.

As we showed in a recent post, Dolly is smart and sharp as a tack.  There's so many reasons to consider her sexy, I'm glad the men who read this magazine gave her the props she so richly deserves.  Here's to Dolly.  May she qualify for this list for many years to come.

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