Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick unveiled their plan to construct a wall on the Wyoming-Colorado border this morning.

Appearing at a joint press conference, Trump described the need to keep "hippies", "greenies" and "potheads" from smuggling marijuana into Wyoming.

"After meeting with your fantastic Sheriff Glick, we've decided that something must be done to keep these criminals out of your state," Trump told reporters. "They bring their drugs across the border, they don't pay taxes and they take jobs away from the hard working people of Wyoming."

The billionaire businessman turned Presidential candidate projects that the 20 foot wall, which will run across Wyoming's southern border won't be a burden for taxpayers.

"The best part about this project, which will be a beautiful, amazing, terrific wall, is that we're gonna make Colorado pay for it," Trump said.

According to Sheriff Glick, the border wall will help protect Wyoming citizens from dangerous drug cartels and terrorist cells.

"We know the terrorists are here. They're living among us and planning to attack us. Thanks to Donald Trump, we're gonna keep ISIS from threatening the Wyoming way of life," Glick said.

When reached for comment, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper reacted to the news, saying, "There's no way in hell Colorado is gonna pay for that wall."

After being asked about Hickenlooper's response by a reporter, Trump referred to the Governor as a "loser" and insisted "the wall just got 10 feet higher."