While in Denver for a visit with family in from California, one of my Denver clan had this brownie that had an interesting story to go with it. Seems the owner took a bigger bite than he should have. He had a group of people over a few days earlier and when the THC kicked in, he thought he was going to fall over. So he slipped out of the party and as he was going up the steps to his bedroom, he felt so unstable that he crawled up the stairs and into bed. Once there, he looked at his feet and said, "They looked thiiis big!" holding his hands about three feet apart.

He offered me some, but, for a couple of reasons, I decided to pass. 1st, I would be driving back to Wyoming. Once again, legal there, but... (seems strange that an invisible line makes the difference between getting high and ending up in jail).

Secondly, I've done it before, but it seems to me, the pot they have these days is just too potent. When I did try it in the past, I kind of enjoyed an occasional buzz once in a great while, but the new strains really mess you up, and I just don't like it. But I am the same way with alcohol. I don't drink much or often, because I don't like being drunk. Drinking usually just makes me quiet, tired and stupid. Not what I'm looking for.

I don't look down on those who choose to partake in either, unless they do too much of either one, and then I'm outta there. I would rather hang with people who've got things going on, like, sky diving, hang gliding, scuba diving, hunting, racing cars, working on photography, guitar, helping with charities or any number of activities that you can only do when you've got your wits about you. But that's just me.

Your opinion??