Unmanned drones are not in wide use…. yet.

But I can see a time when some over-zealous agent wants to get the goods on you, and sends off a drone to observe and track you. I don’t want a government that operates that way and evidently, neither does Rep. Bunky Loucks of Casper, who is sponsoring HB 105. It's currently up for discussion in the full house, and then it's off to the Senate.

While I concede drones could be a very useful tool for law enforcement (not to mention for delivering pizza and products from Amazon.com--both already done), but they could also easily be abused when guided by someone who doesn't care about our rights as citizens. You know, us good guys!

We need to watch those tasked with watching over us and not just assume they will have our best interests in mind. They're politicians and lawyers; keep an eye on them.