In the 90's, Dwight Yoakum was a true force to be reckoned with.  His musical talent was unquestioned, and he had a string of hits.

But, as often happens, once a talent's impacts on the charts begins to taper off, they're often dropped from their labels and then go either to an independent label or slide off into obscurity. 

Well, that happened to Dwight.  He traded his major lable for an indie called New West Records/Via Records.  He's had success with them, releasing a tribute album of Buck Owens' tunes.

Now comes word that Dwight will return to Warner Bros/ Nashville.  That was his major label before he ever went indie. 

Dwight's people have announced that the musician/actor will release a brand new CD in early 2012

It will be produced byDwight and Joe Chiccarelli.

 “When I heard his current music, I was blown away,” Warner Music Nashville’s President and  Chief Executive John Esposito said in a statement. “I think that it is some of the best music he has ever done,  and I’m incredibly proud to have him back at Warner Bros. Records.”

I've always liked Dwight's fierce dedication to the old school sound of honky tonk.  And he really won me over with his performance in "Sling Blade.  It's ood to see him come back from indie land and once again hook up with a Major label. 

I'm looking forward to his latest effort.