Thousands of people in Laramie went without power early this morning, according to representatives from Rocky Mountain Power.

The power went out on the north side of Laramie shortly before 2 a.m. When power first went out, 7,600 Rocky Mountain Power customers were without power. At around 3 a.m., power was restored to over 2,000 of those customers, resulting in about 5,300 customers still without power.

Power was restored to all customers at 6:25 a.m.

Rocky Mountain Power spokesman David Eskelsen says the power outage resulted from a problem with a transformer located at the Laramie substation which is located approximately two miles north of Laramie.

The affected area included locations north of Russel Street roughly between 2nd and 15th Streets, with the exception of a section south of Grand Avenue to Russell Street and east of 10th Street.

Eskelsen says the transformer has since been tested, and power is now being routed as normal.

Customers were receiving power through a different circuit when power was restored. That created an uncertainty as to if power would remain consistent in the affected area.

School is not being held at the schools affected by the outage. Those schools include Laramie High School, Slade Elementary, Lab School, and Laramie Montessori. Even though power is back in those areas, the uncertainty of consistent power kept the schools closed for the day.

Despite the school closures, the school district has announced that all after school activities and athletics will continue at normal times. In addition, the Honors Recognition Ceremony will take place as scheduled. It will be held in the Laramie High School Auditorium at 7 p.m.