A candidate for Wyoming Secretary of State is in Laramie today for his campaign. Republican candidate, Ed Murray, says his day in Laramie is a full one with several stops, and he will be meeting numerous people along the way.

Murray attended school at the University of Wyoming in 1983 and 1984 when he obtained his law degree.

“Laramie, of course, is in many ways my home away from home,” said Murray. “I went to school here and I’ve always been a rabid Cowboy fan. I bleed brown and gold, so Laramie is one of my favorite spots in the entire state, and I’m always glad to be here.”

Murray, a fourth generation Wyomingite, grew up in Laramie County and currently lives in Cheyenne.

Murray’s campaign has already brought him to all 23 counties in Wyoming. Murray says he has travelled over 21,000 combined miles on his campaign so far, about 14,000 of which have been with his wife of 28 years, Caren. Murray describes himself as a family man and says he feels that the campaign has been a great adventure for his family. Two of his four daughters have also helped in the campaign. You can see where he has traveled on his Facebook page.

Murray says he is running for the office because he feels that it needs a new approach. He says that he would come to the office with a business perspective rather than a political one.

“I offer a choice for a new, fresh approach from the private sector as opposed to that political, politician approach,” says Murray.

This is the first time Murray is running to be an elected official.

Murray says that one of the main pillars in his campaign is having a transparent government. He says government transparency is important for the people of Wyoming.

“A government that is not open, accessible, or transparent is not a government of the people, for the people and by the people,” Murray adds.

In addition, he says he would like to make the Secretary of State office more business friendly by using modern technology so the office can better serve how people run business in the state. If elected, he also plans to implement new technology to ensure fair voting and to make voting more accessible to people. He says by making voting more convenient he hopes to increase voter turn-out. He says that if elected he would begin to implement those changes right away so they can be utilized during the next voting cycle. He also says he has ideas of how to prevent fraud in the state by working with other states in flagging such activity.

Murray says one of his core values is protecting the constitution. He feels that it is the most important document that exists between the government and the citizens, and he is not shy about voicing his concerns about protecting it.

The Wyoming Secretary of State office is currently held by Max Maxfield. Maxfield announced in March that he would not be running for another term.

Others running against Murray for Secretary of State in the Primary Election include Ed Buchanan, Clark Stith and Pete Illoway.

For more information about Ed Murray and his campaign, visit his website edmurrayforwyoming.com.