I've mentioned before that when I'm looking for ideas, I'll often delve into my vast and impressive collection of artist websites to help me get out of a writer's block. And that little bit of scrambling has paid off again! I came across this neat little video while lurking on the Eli Young Band site.

When I first started checking this out, I was reminded of the old Marshall Tucker Band. They came up with the name when they saw it listed somewhere. Well, as I mentioned in the opening, the Eli Young Band found....a real, honest to goodness Eli Young.

Turns out Eli Young (not the band) is a pizza delivery guy! That's cool and all.  I mean,I actually know a very sweet girl who was  pizza delivery person and she's the epitome of cool. But, then, some genius with their staff decided to put together a video. It's funny, plain and simple. Well, it's funny and goofy.  Not a bad combo actually.

So, for those who would like the opportunity to check it out, here ya go....

Ha.  Pretty sweet, says I. Thanks for viewing.  The Eli Young Band is currently tearing up the charts with their latest, Even If It Breaks Your Heart.

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