Go Pokes, and go Pokes fans. ESPN ranked the toughest venues for visitors. According to capacity, attendance, and other quirks that make it tough for visiting opponents in the Mountain West, the third most dreaded is Laramie's own "Dome of Doom."

Here is how they put it. "The place holds 11,612, and the winter weather doesn't help opposing teams making the trip. The Cowboys have won 74 percent of their home games since the building opened. The arena is currently undergoing a $30 million renovation that will feature expansive court side seating." They also include, "Fun fact: It's the highest Division I court in the country with an elevation of 7,220 feet."

Yes, that fact is not so fun for teams from lower altitudes. Even though "The Pit" in New Mexico is a mile high, it's still 2,000 feet lower than the Arena Auditorium in Laramie. Its why we our love our, "Welcome to 7220" t - shirts.