Gallery 234 in the University of Wyoming Union will host the exhibition “Neo-Nopperabou” by artist Kaitlyn Whitlock Feb. 25-March 8. A reception will take place in the gallery Friday, March 8, from 6-8 p.m.

The show’s concept “arose while reading Japanese ghost tales, a re-occurring interest of mine,” Whitlock says. “The Nopperabou is a spirit that erases its face entirely in front of those it haunts in order to induce terror.”

The imagery of tales of Nopperabou can be used as an allegory for “victims of sexual assault, and the anonymity and silencing that they experience as a result of societal pressure,” she adds.

For her show, Whitlock has created works of women with faces obscured in one way or another. Her intention is to “speak to the often suffocating oppression many victims of sexual assault -- male and female, young and old -- experience, often in silence.”

Individuals who need assistance to attend the show should call the Campus Activities Center at (307) 766-6340. For more information, visit