As much as the carnival, beer tent and closed downtown streets are a tradition during Jubilee Days, so is an increased police presence during those events.

The Laramie Police Department has announced that, this year, they will be receiving help from other communities.  The Wyoming Governor's Council on Impaired Driving has made funds available that will allow police officers to come in from Cheyenne to assist with DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) enforcement during events at Jubilee Days.

"During our Thursday, Friday and Saturday street dance times between 9 o'clock and 3 am, we'll have two officers from the Cheyenne police department, over here on a mutual aid agreement, doing DWI enforcement," says Laramie Police Commander Mitchell Cushman.  "The grant is specifically for driving, so we want to make an effort for people driving in and out of the community."

The added drunk-driving patrols will be in addition to the standard increased police presence downtown that people see during Jubilee Days on a yearly basis.  Cushman says that people can expect to see foot patrol as well as bike patrol in the downtown area, keeping an eye on the street dances and the carnival.

Cushman goes on to say that police will also be looking for individuals who may have over-consumed and are not safely able to get home.  "In Laramie we've had some issues with over-consumption.  We believe it can also be a problem when you're not with friends and you don't have people who can take care of you," he says.  "So if you over-consume and you're by yourself, certainly that can pose a health risk and certainly we may run into you if you do that."

The Jubilee Days carnival starts on Wednesday at 5:00.  Street closures begin at noon on Thursday, street dances and the beer tent will be in operation Thursday, Friday and Saturday.