Two of three men arrested in relation to a robbery of a payday loan center in Cheyenne now have warrants for their arrest on robbery charges in Laramie.

The Laramie Police Department says that 20-year-old Terrence Terrell James of Cheyenne and 28-year-old Kevin Derric Lewis also of Cheyenne are wanted as suspects in the robbery of the Fairfield Inn, that occurred just after midnight on January 1st in Laramie.  James is currently being held at the Laramie County Detention Center on charges including Conspiracy.  Lewis is also being held at the Laramie County detention center in Cheyenne for charges including aggravated robbery.

A third individual, 19 year-old Isaac James of Cheyenne, was also arrested in connection with the Cheyenne robberies but was not named by the Laramie P.D. as a suspect in the Fairfield Inn Robbery.

The Laramie P.D. says that they became aware of several robberies that occurred around the region during the same time frame as the Fairfield Inn Robbery.  The Laramie Police Department has been cooperating with multiple jurisdictions in order to connect Lewis and James with the Fairfield Inn Robbery.

Terrence James and Kevin Lews may face charges of aggravated robbery in Laramie.  Aggravated robbery is punishable by imprisonment for not less than 5 years, nor more than 25 years.  Aggravated robbery is described by the Laramie P.D. as in the course of the crime of robbery a person "uses or exhibits a deadly weapon or a simulated deadly weapon."