Enrollment at the University of Wyoming has increased since last year. The number of University of Wyoming students on the Laramie campus increased by 109 to 10,520, up one percent from last year, according to fall 2014 enrollment numbers.

That increase, along with a similar rise in the number of full-time students, offset small decreases in part-time and off-campus enrollments for the fall 2014 semester.

Census data collected on the 15th class day, which is after the class drop/add deadline, shows a total of 12,932 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the university, compared to 12,928 in the 2013 fall semester.

In addition to the increase in students on the Laramie campus, full-time enrollment rose by 106 students, or 1.1 percent, to 9,783.

“These increases reflect solid growth in first-time freshmen from Wyoming, full-time transfer students, nonresidents, international, and racial and ethnic minority students,” says Sara Axelson, vice president for student affairs. “The Outreach School numbers on the 15th day did not reflect all of those enrolled in professional development offerings around the state, and those enrollments already have climbed considerably -- and will continue to until the end of the semester.”

Axelson was also pleased to see a two percent increase over last year in UW’s freshman-to-sophomore retention rate, as 76 percent of the first-time students who enrolled at UW in fall 2013 returned for their second year.

Highlights from the fall 2013 enrollment report include:

  • New resident first-time freshmen students increased by 52 to 857, a 6.5 percent increase.
  • New full-time transfer students rose by 30 to 788, a 4 percent increase.
  • The overall number of nonresident students jumped by 163 to 4,062, a 4.2 percent increase.
  • International student enrollment rose -- for the seventh consecutive year -- to 862, up 47 for a 5.8 percent increase.
  • Racial and ethnic minority students increased by 119, or 8.9 percent, to 1,454. Those students now make up 11.2 percent of the UW student body.

Students interested in scheduling campus visits should contact UW Admissions at 800-DIAL-WYO or go to www.uwyo.edu/admissions/visit/index.html.