A father in Texas went to his child's school claiming he was armed and his target was inside.  44-year-old Ronald Miller approached the school's greeter, claimed to have a gun and said "You're dead."

The greeter froze in panic as Miller made his threats around 8 A.M. when students were arriving at Celina Elementary School.  Miller then revealed that he was conducting his own "active-shooter drill" and asked to see the principal.  Officials at the school knew Miller because he has a child enrolled there.  Administration waited until Miller had left the campus before alerting police. He was later arrested on charges of third-degree felony terroristic threats. His bail was set at $75,000.  Parents, however, were not as upset about Millers actions.  Another parent, David Siano, interviewed by NBC-DFW had this to say: "We are not prepared.  His intent was just simply to say, 'you've done nothing' and that's what it showed... So if that's what it takes, it's a shame."