It's one thing when you love hearing a country musician on the radio or buying the album, but when they're good live you become a fan for life.

I've been to dozens of country music shows in my day (I sound like an old man.) And here are my favorites...

  1. Eric Church - Have seen him twice and both were amazing live show, the rock and roll fan in me appreciates the electric guitars and pyrotechnics. My wife and I met Eric before he became a household name and he couldn't have been a nicer guy.
  2. Dierks Bentley - Great live show, tons of energy and crowd interaction! Dierks is a fantastic musician, showman, and it's a helluva party!
  3. Kenny Chesney - Saw him at CFD a few years ago. What a HUGE party! I would have to remind myself I was in Cheyenne and not at the beach. Plus, the show went deep into the night with a bunch of fun covers.
  4. Taylor Swift - Have been to three T-Swizzle shows and she's fantastic. (This is coming from a guy who loves traditional country and rock and roll.) Each of her live songs is like watching a mini-play. Even if you're not a huge fan of her music, a live Taylor show is worth it!
  5. Randy Houser  - Have seen Randy FOUR times and will go as many times as I get a chance. Southern rock blended with country music. Randy's voice is tremendous and he's got a cool band that wears top hats and smokes pipes... how can you not like that?
  6. Brad Paisley - People know Brad is a good guitar player, but you have to see it live to appreciate his greatness. Fun show, tons of animated graphics for all of his songs and lots of fan involvement.
  7. Big & Rich  - Country, rock, hip hop, guitars on fire, what more do you need? Big & Rich is like a country circus, in a very good way.
  8. Tim McGraw  - Obviously a country legend. Great live show at CFD last year. Bought a bunch of fans in the front row beer, has too many hits to squeeze into one show!
  9. Keith Urban - Another amazing guitar player. Lots of energy on stage and a fun show.
  10. Ronnie Dunn - One of my biggest concert regrets is not seeing Brooks & Dunn together. The next best thing was seeing Ronnie play solo a couple years ago. He pulled out a bunch of classic Brooks & Dunn songs.

My wife Michelle's top 10 favorite country music concerts:

  1. Kenny Chesney
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Shania Twain
  4. Tim McGraw
  5. Miranda Lambert
  6. Big & Rich
  7. Dierks Bentley
  8. Brad Paisley
  9. Eric Church
  10. Keith Urban
YOUR TURN, what's the best country show you've ever seen? Tell us in the comments section or Facebook!