Too often, we hear stories of kids being bullied by their classmates, because they’re different.  One kid could be singled out for being a little slow in reading class, another because of his weight.  For a little boy named Danny, a first grader who serves as the waterboy for his school’s football team in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and who has a speech impediment,  it was because he likes to wear a suit jacket and tie to school every day.  But a group fifth graders decided that something needed to be done to “tie” them all together, by wearing ties to school in support of Danny!

When Danny was born, he suffered a brain hemorrhage that resulted in a speech impediment.  His speech therapy is helping him, but, unfortunately, because Danny is different than the rest of his first grade class, and likes to wear a suit jacket and tie to school, he was constantly being bullied, not only because of his speech challenges, but for his choice of wardrobe.  That’s when a group of fifth graders lead by a boy named Tommy, did something so amazing on behalf of their waterboy, they rallied for Danny by getting 45 students to wear ties to stop the bullying.  Tommy, who got this group of kids together, even got emotional when talking about why he wanted other kids to get involved to support Danny.   It was an act of kindness that will forever be remembered by Danny, his family and the entire community.  Watch this truly amazing story here!

Have you ever known someone that either was or is being bullied in your child’s school, and if so, what did you do about it?  What things have you told your child about bullying in school?