The first Annual Santa's Bag O' Cash drawing was held last Saturday, and by all accounts, it was a big, big success with even more fun planned in the weeks ahead leading up to Christmas.There were three possible winners and at the end of the first celebration, two winners were able to take home Santa Cash. Patti Royland of Laramie won 100 dollars. Bonnie Jordan of Laramie was the lucky winner of 200 dollars in Santa Cash. Winners can then redeem their Santa Cash at participating merchants. According to Eric Henderson, Sales Manager for Townsquare Media of Laramie, the host business was very happy with the first drawing and the response they received from the public participating in the event.


 In addition to the participating merchants, five Laramie businesses have agreed to be the sites for the live broadcasts and drawings.  The November 26th hosting business was Murdoch's Home and Ranch Supply.

Andy Kieth of Murdoch's couldn't have been a better host for this all-important first drawing.  His staff was very helpful and extremely patient as all the radio people invaded their store starting at 9 AM on a Saturday.  The broadcasts went from 10 AM to Noon.  We're very grateful and encouraged at the amount of support and enthusiasm the public seems to be showing for the promotion


The next scheduled Santa Cash Drawing is set for December 3rd from 10 AM to Noon at Boot Barn, 158 North third in Laramie. If you would like to play along check out the full details on Laramie Live!
Santa's Bag O' Cash is designed to make it easier for local Laramie residents to take advantage of all the seasonal activities that make Laramie such a great place to shop.
While participating merchants are allowed to hand out the Santa's Bag O' Cash tickets with purchases, there is no purchase necessary to participate.  Be sure to ask your favorite participating merchant for more information and tickets.

Three local radio groups have teamed up to help folks keep Laramie money in Laramie by offering lucky winners the chance to get Santa Cash to be redeemed at local, participating businesses.  The list of participating merchants is growing all the time. There are currently more than 40 local businesses participating.