I like to fish by myself! I fish to enjoy the outdoors in peace and quiet.  So this weekend I probably won't be fishing. I am seeing truck after truck with campers and 4-wheelers coming up from Colorado escaping their state to ours; Greenies we call them. Good for tax dollars but not good when you want to relax and catch a fish in solitude. A few years ago, I was fishing off of the island up at Rob Roy Reservoir.  I was the only person there, just enjoying the day, when a vehicle from Colorado drove up.  They got out of their car, saw where I was fishing, got all of their gear out and, I kid you not, started fishing right next to me.  I subsequently got up, looked both directions, and said "really?" So going fishing on Memorial Day has never been what I dream of doing.  I have thought about going to Colorado to sit down next to somebody at a lake and fish.  But then they would talk about those annoying people from Wyoming.

Earlier this week I did get a chance to go fishing at a beaver pond in the Vedawoo area (my second special, secret spot), and I caught two 15 inch brook trout. My fishing buddies- and you know who you are!-and I have secret names for our favorite fishing spots just in case the FBI is tapping our cell phones.  Some of our code names include: “The Catching Spot”, “The Stretch”, and the “Special Secret Beaver pond”.  We just have to name the spot and we all know where to meet.

If you do make it out fishing this weekend, here is to finding a little bit of good luck and hopefully no Colorado vehicles stopping to fish right next to you.  Remember, Grandpa always said the fishing is better when it is raining!

Fishing Report: The Laramie Plains lakes are a great alternative to blownout rivers.

1. Hattie is fishing fair.

2. Twin Buttes is fishing fair. The Wyoming Game and Fish just recently stocked Twin Buttes. The fishing should steadily get better throughout the summer.

3. Galett is still fishing well.

4. Meeboer: It's official. We had 100% winter kill at Meeboer. The Wyoming Game and Fish restocked Meeboer over a month ago with sub-catchables.

5. Lake Owen and Rob Roy Reservoir is still frozen to mid July

6. The North Platte is beginning to start the runoff. The flows are beginning to rise and the river is muddy. If we get another cool bit of weather the river may level off and clear up but it may be July before we are fishing the upper Platte again. Time to fish the tailwaters.

7.  Don't forget about the closure to fishing just below the dam for the whole month of April. It is well marked on the river. The Reef is fishing great. Lots of large fish have are being caught in the 20+ inch range. (5400cfs and will probably continue to rise).

8. The Miracle Mile is fishing well. Fish any slow water you can find.Next week Fishing Report is the difference between fishing and golf.

9. The Big Laramie is starting to rise and get muddy. It may be a while before it begins to drop. We are supposed to get a fair amount of precipitation this week and then warm up.

10. The Encampment is starting the runoff. It will clear up if we get a cool spot of weather, otherwise it maybe a while before the Encampment is fishing well.

Next weeks Fishing Report is the difference between fishing and golf.

“I am not against golf, since I cannot but suspect it keeps armies of the unworthy from discovering trout.”
~by Paul O’Neil~