[/caption]Today I’m more excited than ever to go fly fishing!  If you were lucky enough to go to the 2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour at the University of Wyoming, Education Auditorium last Friday night, you are probably not reading this but out fishing someplace. At some point, I don’t need to be more excited about fishing;  I just need to go!  The film focused on fly fishermen who are looking for the most challenging and edgy fishing experiences- from Key West, Florida to Baja, CA.  They also championed the idea that we need to conserve our water habitats and wild places.  All of the fishermen demonstrated a great respect for their prey.  It got me stoked to go fishing and to do what I can to help conserve the beautiful places of Wyoming.

Go to the Screening Room if you want to watch again or if you missed it! (Click Here)

Another great way to support our local fishing habitats is to join the local chapter of Trout Unlimited.  You can also participate in local clean up or water resource management meetings and it’s a really great way to meet other fishing enthusiasts.

Trout Unlimited: Mission Statement:   Laramie Valley Trout Unlimited is a local chapter of Trout Unlimited. We are a group of dynamic, motivated people that love clean, cold water and the creatures that live there.

Find out more about your local Trout Unlimited (Click Here)

Weekly Fishing Report:

1.  Hattie: Hattie is still fishing well.  Large fish are being caught on a daily basis.  Fishing has been best with crayfish and woolly bugger patterns right from shore.

The Game and Fish just recently stocked Lake Hattie.

Fly Patterns: Vanilla Buggers, Black BH Buggers, Olive BH Buggers, Big Horn Buggers, Hot Head Leeches, Olive and Rusty Jawbreakers, Red San Juan Worms, White BH Buggers, Big Horn Sculpin Bugger, Big Hole Bugger and Brown CH Beldar Bugger

2.   Twin Buttes: is fishing fair.  The Wyoming Game and Fish just recently stocked Twin Buttes.  The fishing should steadily get better throughout the summer..

3.  Galett: is fishing better than we have ever seen it.  Buggers, crayfish, and egg patterns are all working great.  This is the time to fish the Laramie Plains Lakes!!

4.  Meeboer: It's official.  We had 100% winter kill at Meeboer.  The Wyoming Game & Fish just restocked it with catchables and we should have some respectable trout by mid-summer.

5.  Medicine Bow Lakes: Owen, Rob Roy are still frozen

6.  The North Platte: is entirely open, from North Gate Canyon to Seminoe. The recent precipitation has caused the North Platte to become muddy.  This will change as soon as the lower snow melts and we have less precipitation.  It looks like we are going to get snow and rain for the next week or so.

Fly Patterns: Thin Mints, BH buggers Black, Olive, Peacock Buggers, Vanilla Buggers, San Juan Worms
DB Peacock Stone Fly Nymphs, Theo's Terminator, BH Halfbacks, DB Haresear Stone, Pats Rubber Legs
Lightning Bugs in silver and gold, Midge Patterns, Big Horn Bugger, Big Hole Bugger, Sculpin Bugger
Space Invader brown and yellow, Whit's Hare Sculpin, and Flu Shots

7.  Gray’s Reef: The Reef  is running clear from the dam to Casper.  The fishing has been great with the usual cast of characters, worms, scuds, leeches, and egg patterns

Fly Patterns: Red San Juan Worms, Reef worms, Egg patterns, Scuds (especially in orange), Red Hots Zebra Midges, Ray Charles, Goldie Locks, Vanilla Buggers, Thin Mints, Squirrel Leeches and Head Leeches

8.  The Miracle Mile: is clear, but running around 5100 cfs.

Fly Patterns: BH halfbacks, San Juan Worms, Reef Worms, Amber Scuds, Goldie Locks
Vanilla buggers, Thin Mints, Red Hots, Princesses, Magnum Prince, Mini Sculpins, and Egg Patterns

9. The Big Laramie: The Big Laramie is on FIRE!! Fishing from Jelm to town has been fantastic.  It is far and away the best fishing to be found in the Laramie area.
Monolyth Ranch is fishing well.  This is the best we have seen the Laramie fishing in decades.

Fly Patterns: BH buggers black and olive, BMB olive and brown, Thin Mints,  Vanilla Buggers
Peacock Buggers, Magnum Princes, Egg Patterns, San Juan Worms, Gummy Buggers, Brown Buggers
San Juan Worms, Big Hole Buggers

Whew! Now if you read all that you deserve something really special! Go fishing!