Gearing up for Spring Fishing

When fishing in Southeastern Wyoming you can always depend on one thing. You guessed it, WIND!  You can go crazy and actually cast your line all the way to Nebraska. That being said there is still great fishing to be had this time of the year. The rainbows are spawning and doing their traditional runs on the North Platte all this month.


Gray's Reef and Miracle Mile are starting the spawn run and within the month the beaver ponds above Laramie will open up with some great brook trout that will be hungry. The Laramie and Little Laramie rivers are flowing and they will be good to hit before the big spring melt. The Plains lakes are open and the fish are jumping! All this gets me very excited.

Gear up:

I talked to the guys at Four Seasons Anglers about spring fishing and they stressed gearing up for the windy weather. The best way to have an enjoyable fishing trip is to be safe and warm. This month has more reports of hypothermia than any other. Keep yourself warm with wind-proof and water-proof gear. Protect your head and neck because you lose a lot of body heat from those areas. Layer your clothesas well; you can take something off and have a backpack with other gear so you can put more on. Keep your hands warm with mitten fold-over fingerless gloves. Polarized sunglasses and sunscreen are a must of course, and read up on the fishing laws and regulations from Wyoming Game and Fish. see the pdf brochure: Download Brochure

Fly Box:

Fishing gear to stock up on includes extra line and extra tippet; the cold and icy waters can be very hard on line. If you are fly-fishing stock up on  Scuds #6 - #16 (olive, orange and tan), Crayfish #2 - #10 (orange and red). If you are lure fishing replace your line and clean up your tackle box. If you are like me, I go out a few times then actually open my tackle box and retrieve one hug pile of hooks and line and a moon-pie that could be used as a doorstop. Check out Four Seasons Anglers detailed fishing report as well: Fishing Report

Fishing Clinics:

This Saturday at 1:00 pm in the Plains Civic Center large gym will be a casting clinic presented by Four Seasons Anglers. This is great for beginners and even seasoned fly-casters to work out the winter kinks.

Fishing "Quote of the Week":

"My Biggest worry is that when I'm dead and gone, my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it." - Koos Brandt