Fishing with the boys: So I went fishing for the 4th time this year, and took my 2 boys and the new lab puppy. Some of you will say that's great that you spend time with your kids and that is what life is all about. For the most part you are right it was a good father, son, son and dog bonding experience. Others would say (me included now) that you are really not fishing your baby-sitting and you won't catch anything. We walked for about a mile to get to the river hoping to tire out the kids and the puppy, but that is not what happened.

We got to the river and I started the boys playing with sticks and rocks and told them to hold the puppy.  I went to test the waters and fish for 10-15 minutes.  My number 2 son which we have discovered does not have an inside voice was yelling and skipping rocks before the first cast. Then they both proceeded to take off their shoes and play in the water, which is ok to do I guess. I proceeded to go down stream away from the rock throwing and yelling to fish just for 15 minutes. The black lab of course had to follow me and help out with chasing the lure. I almost caught a big brown right as I was retrieving the brown rapala but the fish must have seen the puppy looking at it from 2 feet away and didn't swallow the hook.

After helping the boys build a bridge and drying off their feet with my jacket I tried to light my expensive cigar I purchased earlier in the week, anticipating being alone with maybe a brown trout in my creel. I made a couple more casts trying to get that brown that got away only to get hung up on a tree branch. This was when I lost it! I was close enough to retrieve the $8 lure , the choice was made I will get wet a little to save money.  That's when the black lab wanted to help by getting in the fast current. I was soon up to my knees with a rapal inbeaded in one hand and a collar of a lab that does not swim in the other. Luckily I got both back to shore and decided to call it a day! We went down to Woods Landing and ordered a Fat Tire and a bacon cheese burger for me and a kid’s burger for the boys as the black lab was passed out in the truck.

I will be looking to go by myself next time to fish, but I will remember this fishing outing with the boys and puppy longer than if I had caught the big fish. It's not called catching its called fishing for this reason! - Hope you all have a lifetime of fishing!

Flying Fishing and Cigars:

As I discovered on this trip I like to smoke a cigar after I caught my trout. I am sitting relaxing around a fire and looking at the stars reflecting on the day! As cigars go if you like a dark beer you’re like a darker robust cigar if you like a light beer you'll like a lighter cigar. If you can light it in the Wyoming wind you are doing beeter than me. We do have a couple places to get a decent cigar in town we have the 2 Grand Avenue Newsstands and Tobacco Junction. See what's in stock but my favorite cigar is the Arturo Fuente Hemingway or the Macanudo they are light enough so if you are walking or fishing they won't make you feel sick! I only smoke 4-6 cigars a year so the $15-$20 dollar a piece doesn't really affect my decision.

Fishing Report:

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Fishing Quote:

I fish better with a lit cigar; some people fish better with talent.  ~Nick Lyons, Bright Rivers, 1977