Wyoming Weather!

 Ok what the hell is up with this weather? Oh yeah I keep forgetting that we live on the high plains of Wyoming. I am planing on hitting the Laramie this weekend to hopefully catch a brown or two. I got some new gear (Simm's hat and waders) got my fly-rod and real dusted off and found my fly-box finally. Weather conditions are not great for humans but should be good for fishing, the main thing is to get out of the house! Everyone I know has the very late stages of cabin fever and if you don't get out and catch (kill) something you might explode! Every April and May I forget that it will snow most likely on the weekends and dash your dreams of the perfect sunny day.  In July I jump the fence and head to the river. I start whistling the theme song to the Andy Griffith show, I have a few Fat Tire, a Moon-Pie and maybe some Elk Jerky and life is good. But it's May, the snow is flying and I can't whistle!

Fishing Regulations: Northwestern Wyoming - Upcoming fishing regulations will be the subject of a public meeting in Powell next month. The meeting is set for 7pm May 10 at Northwest College  the new rules go into effect for 2012 and 2013. They allow anglers to keep up to six trout of any size they catch from lakes and reservoirs. They may keep up to 16 brook trout of any size. Other proposed regulations include a general stream limit of three trout, of which only one fish may measure longer than 16 inches.  Comments on the proposed regulations can be mailed to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, attention: Fishing regulations, 5400 Biship Blvd. Cheyenne, WY 82006. The comment deadline is June 6.

Fishing Quote: "It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming."  ~John Steinbeck

Fishing Report:

Plains Lakes:

1. Hattie is still fishing well!  Hatch: Midges
2. Twin Buttes is fishing fair.  The Wyoming Game and Fish just recently stocked Twin Buttes.  The fishing should steadily get better throughout the summer.
Hatch: Midges
3.  Galett is fishing better than we have ever seen it.  Buggers, crayfish, and egg patterns are all working great.  This is the time to fish the Laramie Plains Lakes!! Hatch: Midges
4. Melbor it's official.  We had 100% winter kill at Meeboer.  The Wyoming Game & Fish just restocked it with catchables and we should have some respectable trout by mid summer.

Medicine Bow:
1. Rob Roy Reservoir- Lake Owen still frozen (don't even try!)

Upper North Platte:

1.  The North Platte is entirely open, from North Gate Canyon to Seminoe. The Platte has dropped and cleared all week due to the cold weather.  Water temps are still cold but the fishing has been fair.  You can now access 6 Mile Gap, but it will still be a while before you can get in to Bennett Peak. Hatch: Midges
2. Gray's Reef:  The Reef  is running clear from the dam to Casper.  The fishing has been great with the usual cast of characters, worms, scuds, leeches, and egg patterns. Hatch: Midges
3. The Miracle Mile is clear, but running around 7200 cfs. Hatch: Midges

Laramie River:

1.  The Big Laramie is on FIRE!! Fishing from Jelm to town has been fantastic.  It is far and away the best fishing to be found in the Laramie area. Slowly retrieved buggers and crayfish patterns are producing browns in the 16 to 20+ inch range.  Monolyth Ranch is fishing well. Hatch: Midges

Next Week:

Best cigars to smoke while fishing and hopefully a picture of my new fish I caught!