Life is good … maybe even when we think it is not. Last week we published a poll asking about your new year’s resolutions.  Wanting to live life to the fullest was the number 4 top New Year’s resolution from Wyoming.


Have Fun

It is ok to be angry. It is ok to be sad. And more importantly it is ok to be happy. Everyone gets mad, but it is how you deal with it that matters. Life is too short to hang on to that anger or frustration. Don’t be lured to the dark side. Play like you were a kid. If you are a kid, good job, keep being a kid.


Random Acts of Kindness

Try this one out sometime, buy a random couple’s dinner one night at a restaurant and ask to stay anonymous. Do you pick up coffee in the morning? Buy the car behind you in line drink for the morning. Just be nice to people just because.



If you got to boogie, you have got to boogie. Dancing like no one is watching. Dance when everyone is watching. Dance in the shower but don’t use all the hot water.



Nourish the creative side by painting, sculpting, playing music, or any other hobby. It could be the simple pleasure of tying a perfect fly for that perfect fish. It could be the best salsa in the world where you are the only one with the recipe.



Forgive others even when they don’t deserve it. For one you don’t deserve to hang on to that gripe. Let go. There are some things in life that are very difficult to let go. There are professionals for that. So if you think you don’t need a therapist, just drop it. It is a burden that will make a stiff neck or an itch that won’t go away. Let go. That dumb dumb head that cut you off in traffic? Maybe he just had news that his wife is in the hospital. May be he just made an honest mistake. Maybe he is just a dumb dumb head. Be mad if you need to, but then let it go.